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The Zima Systems GmbH is a specialist in the aerosol industry. Our core business is the supply of dual-chamber - Aerosol piston cans, aluminium piston cans or DWI steel piston cans with the patented ZIMA piston. To use come aluminum aerosol cans as well as DWI steel cans. In conjunction with pastes or heavy flowable products, 3 piece thin cans can be used. Piston cans are better known as aerosol cans, aerosols or spray cans / sprays as well as pressure packs.

Around this core competence we serve our customers with both complete systems as well as custom details. We deliver our products as complete systems and also as individual parts. We are also service providers around the topic Aerosol - Piston technology

The ZIMA piston system for monoblock aluminium-, DWI steelcontainer and 3 piece thin plate cans. Aerosol piston cans with different implementations.

Benefits at a glance:

  • location independent spraying / dispensing
  • complete separation of product and propellant
  • protection of the contents against the harmful effects (eg oxidation by oxygen)
  • complete emptying of the contents
  • suitable for products with very low or very high viscosity
  • environmentally friendly propellants (simple compressed air or nitrogen)
  • less expensive than bov systems
  • perfect Sealing
  • flexible fast filling technology (1'' opening)
  • used with all standard valves and spray heads

How does an aerosol can (aerosol) with the ZIMA - Piston System: