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The Zima Systems GmbH is specialized in dual chamber aerosol cans, aerosol sprays from aluminium and steel. and other two - chamber pressure systems.

The central component is the patented ZIMA - piston separating the contents of the pressure chamber in the can. The impressive characteristics of the patented piston technology is the so far not reached sealing, flexible diameter scaling and the use of plastic formulations depending on customer needs. Product and propellant remain permanently separated. Through the upper piston expression almost complete emptying is also ensured.

Products and Services:

  • ZIMA piston as a commodity for can manufacturers and bottlers.
  • Aerosol cans, aerosol / spray cans with applied ZIMA piston
  • Complete Systems (Aerosol) consisting of: piston can, valve and dispensers / actuator
  • Partial and Complete Systems (cans, pistons, valves, spray heads, covers)

Our standard aerosol piston can diameter is 53mm. This means that volumes of contents of 100ml - 250ml readily achievable. Any other diameters (eg 31.5, 35, 40, 45, 50, 65, 66 mm) on request

The patented ZIMA - Piston aerosol can technology is also suitable for many special applications:

  • fire extinguishing systems (especially with gel)
  • Special systems with pressure vessels (aircraft, transport equipment)
  • other special applications, piston-driven

Zima piston system is also manufactured from FDA / NSF certified plastics and is used for food and for medical products.

We are happy to help in any product ideas and questions with our wide-ranging application know-how.

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How does an aluminum aerosol piston can or steel aerosol piston can with the patented Zima piston:

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