Filling ZIMA Piston Cans

The filling of ZIMA piston cans, aerosol cans, or sprays differs only slightly from the filling of BOV (Bag on Valve) systems or single-chamber aerosol cans in general. When ZIMA system as well as with most BOV systems a rubber plug at the bottom is used for gassing with propellant usually compressed air or nitrogen. Modern filling machines include a component for this pressure gassing before inserting the bottom plug.

Unlike other systems, the filling can be carried out with piston cans directly through the top 1`` opening. The usual approach, filling through the valve can be used too. A filling through the valve is dependent on product viscosity considerably slower.

With our piston cans fluids, greases, dispersions, emulsions as well as pasty products can be filled. The filling of the product can be made with or without pressure through the upper 1`` valve opening itself or directly through the valve.

If you are interested in filling systems, please refer to:

Pamasol Willi Mäder AG
CH-8808 Pfäffikon SZ

Patterns and Samples

So that we can serve our customers in the best possible way and confidential, we introduce the sample and pattern fillings by yourself.

The subsequent contract filling, special filling, final packaging (labeling of unprinted cans and packaging) is then carried out by selected filling companies.

We support our customers confectioning for all product and packaging processes, from the production of sample cans and prototypes to mass production in large quantities. To meet the specific customer requirements, we cooperate throughout Europe with filling companies. All filling companies, with which we cooperate standards are ISO and GMP.

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