The base of ZIMA Systems GmbH are our standard technologies in the aerosol sector. We are specializing on two-chamber aerosol cans using the patented ZIMA piston.

The standard system includes the aerosol aluminum piston can or steel dwi piston can, standardized with 1" opening at the top for the valve and bottom plug for filling the pressure chamber below. By using the standard 1 ' opening, very flexible Valves, Actuators and Adapter from leading manufacturers can be used.

The implementation of technological and application-oriented innovations for our customers, we understand as a challenge. We thus securing your company a competitive edge in the global marketplace. We carry specific problems of companies to commission, applied research and practical developments together.

For each project is user-orientation and marketability, together with short turnaround times in the foreground.

Examples for special applications with our piston technology:

  • Innovative fire extinguishing system in the aircraft.
  • Spreaders technologies for highly viscous contents.
  • Piston system for especially sensitive to oxidation food.
  • Dual-chamber piston cans for lubricants for use in harsh operating practice.
  • Piston cans for low filling materials to be sprayed.

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