Our piston design is very versatile and can be adapted and used without restriction for all diameters and movements. For the production of aerosol cans we have to follow the respective manufacturing method of the can (container). We therefore offer several standard pistons for technical applications and for applications in the food industry for most can diameters and shoulder designs.

Aerosol aluminium monoblock piston cans are manufactured on production lines starting with a press, painting/drying stations and at the end a necking machine for forming the shoulder shape and the 1'' opening for the valve.

The Zima piston must be inserted after the bottom hole has been formed but before the shoulder shape is formed. Since our piston achieves very high sealing values, the formation of the bottom hole is absolutely necessary before the piston is inserted. Typically, these assembly steps are carried out in the necking machine or alternatively in an upstream station.

The application of the piston in a three piece tin can is simpler in comparison due to the production. It should only be noted that the piston is inserted before closing the second plate.

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